OUR Services

There are several ways in which we can engage for maximum impact.

Hands-on Training Workshops:

Modular Workshops to amplify skills:

  • Product Discovery Workshop: A highly human approach for “on the ground” Product Teams, teaching them skills in Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile. Learn more »

  • Creativity and Innovation Workshop: A two-day session geared towards leaders and change agents in your organization, giving them the tools to set the stage and catalyze sustainable creativity and innovation.

  • Change Leadership Workshop: One-day Leader-specific change program on how to drive change within your organization

Each training session includes a ½ day of interviews to tailor the workshop to your organizational needs.


Customizable Design Sprints (1-5 days) to understand users, develop product solutions and/or achieve product/market fit:

  • Preparation for the Design Sprint, including who to invite to the Sprint, and how to setup a “war room”

  • Customized schedule (1-5 days) based on team availability and goals

  • Facilitation of the actual Design Sprint with the Sprint Team

  • Wrap-up insights session with Leadership and Sprint Team

Deep Product Coaching Engagements:

Typical coaching topics improve skills for entire Product Teams including Product Managers, Designers and Engineers.
Topics normally include:

  • Aligning roles and responsibilities to maximize Product Innovation

  • Scoping the problem space using Problem Statements and Personas

  • Hands on user testing with entire Product Teams

  • Brainstorming effectively and converging on solutions that teams are committed to

  • Aligning product discovery results with Stakeholders and Leaders

Exploratory insights and PRODUCT Planning:

Two-day to two-week engagements with a cross-section of Leadership to understand Product challenges and make lasting and proven strategic changes and recommendations, and jump start product development, innovation and creativity for your organization.

Deeper Engagements:

We offer deeper product and innovation engagements with companies who require a more hands-on approach to guiding and instilling more innovative and creative product processes in their organizations. Time as requested.