We help you solve wicked problems. 


We are a boutique consultancy specializing in early-stage product development and helping you solve “wicked problems” using Design Thinking and Agile. 

Our approach is deeply human-centered, as we take time to understand the underlying attitudes and feelings of your customers - often present in informal signals. Our methodology uncovers unique perspectives and offers tailored solutions to your desired product outcomes. 

We offer:
- Product Discovery Workshops, Coaching & Mentoring 
- Facilitation of Design Sprints (as popularized by Google Ventures)
- Business Model & Value Proposition, including MVP development 
- Organizational Leadership & Strategy around Creativity & Product Innovation

We have over 20 years experience working for established Silicon Valley innovators, including European-based startups and global academic institutions, which gives us a deep understanding and experience of product development and also position us well with international and culturally diverse product development and teams facing multi-cultural issues.

By offering a refreshing, human style not present in most consultancies, we help you set a clear course for product development that truly meets the needs of your customers.